Our Story...

The way that Every Moment began for me was a stroke of serendipity. I've always enjoyed creating things that involved me using my hands. As mush as I love to sew, do hair, and cook, I wanted to learn something more. So I taught myself how to make candles, soaps, body butters/ scrubs, conditioners, etc...I was always always making or doing something. Trying to perfect one concoction or another, and I realized just how stimulating that was for me.

Before I knew it, it quickly became an obsession and I was ordering supplies in bulk.


In February 2021, Things Quickly Took A Turn For The Worst. A Horrible Ice Storm Hit Texas, And My kids and I were in a car accident on the first night of the storm. My car rolled 3 times and I was knocked unconscious. I don't remember what happened after that. When I came to, we had been pulled out of the car. I was told that we had to be cut out of our seatbelts and that the car was leaking gas as well. Thankfully, my kids walked away unharmed. Not a scratch. Unfortunately, It took something that traumatic for me to snap out of the mind set of "I'm going to be here for my kids, as long as I can be". And It Hit Me That, You're Only Given So Many Opportunities To Define Who You Are.

And From that, Every Moment began...

I was afraid to start to my own business. We all have been there. Afraid to actually start or finish something, but a friend of mine once told me,


"My ONLY fear, is disappointing my kids."


Those are, To This Day, The Most Encouraging Words That I Have Ever Heard.


For Me, The Birth of Every Moment Teaches My Children Work Ethnic & Goal Setting. What It Means, What It Looks Like, And What It Takes To Work Towards Their Goals That Could Be Literally Anything And To Actually Following Through With The Execution.

It Teaches Them To Be a Great Listener And Student Because You're Never Too Old To Learn. To Practice, Because You Should ALWAYS, Constantly Be In Pursuit of Perfecting Your Craft. Whatever it may be. And To Surround Themselves With People of Like Mind. Even If That Means Being Alone. 

Are They Ready for The Very Real Obstacles That Life Will Throw At Them? I Don't Know, But I'm Going To Do What I can To Prepare Them As Much As I Can. I Want to Pass Down To Them, Everything That I Know & Have Learned In This Life. They Won't Forget That I Was Here, But I Want To Leave Them With Some Things That They Could Actually Use, Learn, & Benefit From.



Some Times, You Have To Do Something Crazy To Remember Who You Are So Go For It. And Once In A While, You Might Blow Your Own Damn Mind.


Set Some Goals. Stay Quiet About Them. Smash The Sh*t Out Of Them. And Clap For Your Damn Self.

CEO & Founder of Every Moment